Our care for you

Beauty to the tip of your fingernails

Our manicure and pedicure

We know that having perfectly made hands and feet provides a satisfying feeling and a sense of well-being. There’s nothing better than coming out of a salon and proudly showing the world the magnificence of your manicure and pedicure!

Our manucures

Here you have several manicure choices including hand care and the application of a regular polish or Shellac polish. All our manicures are done by our specialized technicians who are experts in the profession. Your hands are in good hands with us!

Our pedicures

You spend the day on your feet, they deserve to be pampered from time to time. At Tami’s, you’ll be sure to leave the salon with the feeling of having new feet! Our pedicures are relaxing and refreshing. Come try them now, your feet will thank you!

Fake nails and extensions

There are many ways to extend your nails and with us, there are two of them, resin and gel. Whether it is for fashion or maybe because your nails are too short, all reasons are good to have them. Here, we only use high quality products to ensure you an unparalleled result.

Cleanliness, a guarantee of quality

We know very well that the cleanliness of a salon and tools are an important factor for you. Who wants to get fungus under their nails? To avoid this problem, we use only the best in PreEmpt. All our pedicure bowls are cleaned with PreEmpt RTU and our tools are cleaned with PreEmpt CS20.

Tool sterilization

At Salon Tami par Mlle V, we employ the same technique used by dentists to sterilize our tools, an autoclave. All tools are handled only once before being sent to the sterilizer. So you don’t end up with contaminated tools.

With the addition of our UV sterilizers as well as the best disinfectant products on the market for cleaning and sterilizing, you can be sure to be treated in a safe and perfectly clean environment.

Alcohol-free disinfectant

Medical Cleaner